Kordas statement regarding Tong’s demand letter to Project Veritas

Sep 13, 2022

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: September 13, 2022

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Kordas statement regarding Tong’s demand letter to Project Veritas

Norwalk, CT. — Jessica Kordas, candidate for Attorney General, released the following statement regarding AG William Tong’s handling of the investigation into Greenwich’s Cos Cob Elementary Assistant Principal, Jeremy Boland’s discriminatory hiring practices, following Tong’s demand letter to Project Veritas:

“Despite all his rhetoric and grandstanding, William Tong continues to put partisan political interests above the well-being of our children and our schools. Tong continues to demonstrate that he is not suited to objectively and humbly carry out the duties of his office.

“It is the responsibility of the Attorney General, the highest legal authority of this State, to be devoted to the law; to respect the US Constitution and the First amendment; to respect the Connecticut Constitution and to respect legal precedent. The Attorney General must act with devout objectivity when exercising investigative authority and must apply the law as written. The Attorney General’s work and service to the People of Connecticut must be conducted impartially. It must be done without consideration of the office holder’s personal opinions or feelings, and it must never be used to intimidate or chill public discourse or denigrate information sources simply because they may not be mainstream or traditional.

"Under state and federal law, members of the press enjoy important protections, aptly referred to as the "Shield Law.” These protections ensure the free exchange of ideas, opinions and, as with the Project Veritas video, the disclosure of reprehensible conduct.

“A trial lawyer with even limited experience understands that stare decisis requires litigators to observe and respect the rules imposed by statute and case law. Failure to do so imperils the client and the credibility of the lawyer. The Connecticut Attorney General’s client is the People of the State of Connecticut. The credibility of the People’s attorney must be beyond reproach.

William Tong's actions are emblematic of what is occurring in Connecticut and across the county. That is an intolerance of opposing opinions and opposing sources of information. His conduct and use of his office concerning Project Veritas is disingenuous. The actions that he has taken and that he is directing, do not serve as a legitimate investigative tool. Instead, they stifle speech and discourage parents and press across the State from standing up for themselves and their children and casting light upon their schools.”


About Jessica Kordas

Jessica Kordas has had a dynamic career in law and has earned the reputation as a meticulously prepared and diligent advocate. She is a member of the Connecticut Bar Association, the Fairfield County Bar Association, the Connecticut Trial Lawyers Association, the New York Bar Association and the National Association for Criminal Defense Lawyers. Jessica has been named a “Rising Stars” in the legal profession by Super Lawyers six years in a row. A native of Norwalk, Jessica is a mom to two great children, Amilia and Ethan.